Title Case for Movable Type

John Gruber shared a code snippet that converts strings to Title Case. It’s actually more clever than it sounds, taking into account the need to keep a collection of small words uncapitalised, and correctly handling punctuation issues.

Here’s a version for Movable Type that can be used to automatically convert entry titles to title case. It is essentially a wrapper for John’s script that adds some functionality to deal with html entities (so it should play nice with Smarty Pants and Widon’t).


Title Case for Movable Type v1.1 (2008-05-23)


Unzip the file and place TitleCase.pl in the plugins directory of your Movable Type installation.



For titles, add the global filter titlecase="1" to your entry title tags:

<mt:EntryTitle titlecase="1"/>

This project is also hosted on github.