SVN Helper Script for RoboFab

Following on from my article about version control for typeface development, I’ve updated the “Export to UFO and commit to SVN” python script I used as an example. This present article will be the script’s permanent home.

I can’t offer much in the way of support, and the script does do some heavy lifting (like removing all GLIFs in the UFO before exporting a new one), so please have a good look at the script before using it. I don’t want to be held accountable if your machine starts vomiting kittens. The script is meant to serve as an example use of pysvn in the context of typeface development. Having said that, I find it very useful.


The current version (v1.3) of does the following:

  • exports the current font in FontLab to UFO,
  • add new GLIFs to the working copy,
  • delete removed GLIFs from the working copy (new in v1.1!),
  • commit a new revision to the SVN repository.


In addition to having a copy of FontLab, you’ll need:

  • RoboFab: Python library for font development
  • pysvn: SVN extension for python (make sure you get the same version as your own SVN installation if you intend to use both)

Download v1.3 (2007-03-28)

The script is licensed under the MIT Open Source license.