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Adobe Web Fonts — Neither Likely Nor Desirable

31st Aug 2006

Andrei Herasimchuk from Design by Fire (and ex-Adobe employee) has written an open letter to Adobe, asking them to release a set of core fonts for the web into the public domain. These fonts would then be available to the…

Widon’t for Movable Type

26th Aug 2006

Widon’t for Movable Type is a plugin to prevent widows from appearing in titles and entry headers. Widows are single words, left on their lonesome on a line at the end of a paragraph, and generally look poo. Widon’t simply…

IE7 PNG Transparency and Flash

23rd Aug 2006

Update: 25th August 2006 This article relates to IE7 Beta3. A day after I wrote this article, Microsoft released IE7 RC1 which seems to have fixed this problem (at least, according to the tests below). So, hooray! Alpha support…

De-Hacking CSS for IE7 Beta 3

13th Aug 2006

This is an update on my previous post about checking CSS hacks in IE7. I’ll run through a CSS browser check using Ingenious Ireland as an example. Getting the tools together When you install Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, as…

The CSS Hack Rapture Is Nearly Upon Us

1st Aug 2006

News that Microsoft will be auto-updating XP users to IE7 has been making the rounds, and is generally being seen as A Good Thing. Such swift, mass adoption of a major upgrade will certainly be a unique experience to witness….