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SVN Helper Script for RoboFab

18th Mar 2007

Following on from my article about version control for typeface development, I’ve updated the “Export to UFO and commit to SVN” python script I used as an example. This present article will be the script’s permanent home. I can’t offer…

Typeface Development Bundle for TextMate

1st Mar 2007

For Mac users who rock the magnificent TextMate text editor, I’ve put together a small typeface development Bundle. At the moment it covers Adobe’s OpenType Feature File Specification used by the AFDKO. As well as syntactic highlighting, there are also…

Version Control for Typeface Development

3rd Feb 2007

I’ve wanted to write a bit about version control in relation to font software for a while, but Version Control is a big subject (hence the capitals!) and has been extensively covered elsewhere for software development, so I’ll try to…