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iTunes & Quicksilver: If You Like It, ★++ It

5th Oct 2007

Obsessively rating music is a frustrating waste of time. Listen to a track, give it a rating between 1 and 5 stars. Sounds easy, but my problem is, I don’t really know how much I like a track, at least…

Widon’t Ready for Movable Type 4

15th Jul 2007

I’ve tested Widon’t for Movable Type with the latest MT4 beta and, apart from a few small changes to make it display correctly in the plugins list, it works as expected. I’ve also fixed the unquoted string warnings some people…

Widon’t for Movable Type

26th Aug 2006

Widon’t for Movable Type is a plugin to prevent widows from appearing in titles and entry headers. Widows are single words, left on their lonesome on a line at the end of a paragraph, and generally look poo. Widon’t simply…