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Title Case for Movable Type

22nd May 2008

John Gruber shared a code snippet that converts strings to Title Case. It’s actually more clever than it sounds, taking into account the need to keep a collection of small words uncapitalised, and correctly handling punctuation issues. Here’s a version…

Widon’t Ready for Movable Type 4

15th Jul 2007

I’ve tested Widon’t for Movable Type with the latest MT4 beta and, apart from a few small changes to make it display correctly in the plugins list, it works as expected. I’ve also fixed the unquoted string warnings some people…

New Version of Widon’t for MT

26th Dec 2006

Well, sort of… It’s actually the same as the beta version I previewed a while ago, but I’ve been using it without any problems so thought it was time to release it properly. You can now prevent widows appearing in…