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1st Jun 2009

You can see Typekit in action on Jeffrey Veen’s website (I assume this is the proposed implementation of Typekit). [Update: 3rd June 2009, It looks like Jeffrey is no longer using Typekit on his website. No previews for you.] A…

TextMate Tip for CSS — Single Line Overview

9th May 2008

CSS files need to be formatted so they are readable at two levels: the broad level of scanning the document selectors, and the finer level of locating individual property rules within selector blocks. I’ve tried several ways of formatting my…

IE7 PNG Transparency and Flash

23rd Aug 2006

Update: 25th August 2006 This article relates to IE7 Beta3. A day after I wrote this article, Microsoft released IE7 RC1 which seems to have fixed this problem (at least, according to the tests below). So, hooray! Alpha support…