The Patrick O’Brien Foundation

Although I’ve known of Patrick O’Brien’s film work, I mostly know him as Transfatty from the variously incarnationed design fora that cyclically mushroom on the int0rw3bs. He is a standout original, having cut his own unique direction in pretty much every sphere of digital media. His work is weird, funny, thought-provoking and brilliant, and most definitely his own.

A year ago Patrick was diagnosed with the terminal disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Patrick’s current work is a full-length documentary of his own life, as himself and as a sufferer of ALS.

All of my adult life, I have been making films - films about far out characters, films about vulnerable souls. Now, in the last years of my life, the film I am making, the character I tried so hard to write all these years, the story which eluded me on paper, is unfolding across my body, inside my nervous system, and in front of my eyes. I have become the character in the film which I have been striving to bring to the screen all these years.

This work is being supported by the creation of The Patrick O’Brien Foundation, named in his honour. This foundation supports “life’s work projects that provide a unique insight into the experience, mind, and heart of living with their disease”, which I think is quite a unique take on charitable giving.

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Visit the website to see some footage from this project and donate some money to help see it completed.